7 Reasons why Omflex is Best Kraft Paper Mailer Manufacturer

 Omflex introduced itself as a Kraft Paper Mailer Manufacturer. We provide Kraft Papers and Poly Mailer as per our customer's requirements. Our services are offered to basically all those who want to deliver their products through Paper and poly mailers.

As we can say we supply kraft papers to the gift manufacturing industry, box manufacturer, wrappers, paper bags, courier industry, packaging industry, paper industry, etc. With a wide range of Kraft paper mailers, we also manufactured poly mailers and packaging bags. Currently, we are dealing with our Indian clients but now want to deal with foreign clients. Omflex introduced itself as a Kraft Paper Mailer Manufacturer.

Kraft Paper Mailer Manufacturer

Our main goal is to provide One Solution for Mailers to all Packaging industries. The products we supply are made from the best quality Kraft papers and polymers and have long-term durability. We take care of the environment and also do not use harmful materials which can harm the natural resources.

What is Kraft Paper Mailer and Poly Mailers?

Kraft Paper Mailer is a type of machine which is used to produce the superior quality paper to make envelopes and mailers.

These are environmentally friendly as comparing with plastics mailers also it allows us to stop using plastics. Paper mailers are used to deliver or ship goods from one place to another without harming those goods.

Poly Mailer is the type of mailer which are made of plastics packing that makes it water-resistant and tear-proof.

These are light weighted and flexible in nature and also having self seating features. Poly mailers are used for Clothes and nonbreakable items packaging. OmFlex India is also considered a prominent Polymailers manufacturer in Pan India.

7 Reasons which show Omflex is Best Kraft Paper Mailer Manufacturer 

 So, here I will tell you why I choose to buy Kraft papers and poly mailers. Here we will discuss all the 5 reasons which make you more satisfied to buy from Omflex.

  •  Qualitative and Eco-Friendly Products :

We offer high-quality Kraft papers after inspecting them from some processes with 100 to 350 GSM and 14 to 24 BF. These are eco-friendly too because we are using recycled Kraft papers and poly mailers also.

·         Best Industrial Prices :

 Omflex deals with the lowest price and high-quality Materials for the packaging industry. As we want to make a good relationship with our clients, we want our clients to be 100% satisfied with us.

·         On-Demand Delivery: 

We provide timely delivery to Our Customers because this is Our motto to satisfy our clients so, we provide fast delivery.

·         Amazing Looks of Kraft paper mailers, poly mailers:

Our team works according to the trend that's why we are able to create an amazing look for paper mailers.

·         Customized Mailers Products :

We work on the data provided by our clients related to logos, colors, sizes, and patterns.

·         Waterproof Kraft Papers :

In taking care of our clients we manufacture water splashed resistance quality in our Paper mailers.

·         Extreme Slimness :

Our Team also focuses on carrying habits, so we manufactured them as they are easy to carry and can be kept at any place, safely.